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That’s 5 hours of my life I won’t get back! That’s right I’ve spent 5 hours tonight trying to develop my SEO and pitching websites to publish my content. Not really on this site, it’s just gassing at the moment, but on my business site and my medical blog.

When I originally wrote this, that was my leading paragraph. For some reason I stopped at the end of that paragraph and never finished it. That was before my week’s holiday. My holiday that I spent probably 4-5 hours a day working on my 3 sites, although the majority on my 2 main sites.

Why did I spend so much time? And why on my holiday?

Well as much as it is infuriating dealing with IT and coding (if you’ve ever dabbled then you know what I mean – things that should work, just, don’t) I also find it enjoyable. I like the accomplishment after the work put in, and eventually I did get that achievement.

My main site looks a million times better. My medical blog has a totally new layout, and even working dad had some upgrades too.


On my business site I changed my host from Siteground to WPX Hosting. Boy what an improvement. You can read up a bit more about it here but basically I shave around 3 seconds off the load time off all 3 of my sites by changing host. Their support was also fantastic and really helped me.

That wasn’t the main issue I was having though. Again you can read a bit more about it in the other post, but for some reason using Elementor page builder completely broke my load times on my main business site. It was an absolute nightmare to try to unpick all that and reduce the load times. They were pushing 12 seconds or more which was just almost unusable. Not good when you are trying to get customers (patients).

After trying for hours and hours I eventually changed to Divi from Elegant Themes, which along with their bloom and monarch plugins really made a huge difference. Hopefully you will agree with me that the sites look great, although for working dad I think I’ll stick to this current theme for now.

Alongside all this I’ve been desperately trying to up my SEO for my sites. A long, slow, laborious process. I have optomised my pages to within an inch of their life (even changing hosts to get the load speeds down as I’ve said). The page scores are through the roof with insane load times.

insane load tomes on WPX hosting
Insane load speeds and page scores on WPX Hosting. If you are interested you can sign up Here and use code MONTHLY to get 50% off you first month. They also have a no quibble money back guarantee so if you just aren’t sure you can try them out.


The last thing I need to do is create those all important backlinks. You read sites like Neil Patel, SemRush, Ahrefs and they all tell you go get some backlinks. They just say it like it’s easy to do. Well it’s really not.

I guess to a certain extent it does depend on what your blog is about. My blogs are medical, and therefore I need links from high quality, reputable sites. Being a doctor I have a certain professional standard that I have to meet and I can’t associate with less reputable sites. This makes it incredibly hard to get any backlinks because all the reputable sites are huge behemoths like WebMD who have their own in house writing teams and don’t allow any external links or guest posts, so next to possible to get on to.

Indeed SEMrush which I signed up to keeps suggesting I get backlinks from the NHS or Cancer Council, or even the Australian Government…yeah I can really see them accepting a guest post or linking to my blog…

I guess I’ll keep plugging away, keep improving my site, and keep blogging. If anyone knows any medical sites that need a guest author just let me know.

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