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Thanks for stopping in and checking out my new blog – Working Dad.

Who am I?

My name is Suresh Khirwadkar and I’m a working dad. Sounds easy enough to say doesn’t it, but as many will know being a working parent is anything but easy.

I’ve got 2 lovely young daughters Lily and Charlotte and a beautiful wife Imogen and we live in Brisbane, Australia. We moved here about 2 years ago from the UK and haven’t looked back since.

I work full time as a doctor – a GP and skin cancer doctor here in Brisbane, I’m obviously a dad and husband too, and I’m also running 2 blogs – this one and a no holds barred Medical / health and lifestyle blog over at Medspace. On top of that I also make Health videos for YouTube as The Honest Doctor so feel free to check those out also.

Why did I make this blog?

It’s hard sometimes trying to balance the struggles of work and home life, to find that equilibrium. As a GP I see it a lot in my patients, especially working dads who just like me always seem to have too much on their plate.

Now this isn’t to take away from working mums, far from it. You guys do the most amazing job and I have the utmost respect for you all, but there’s quite a lot of resources out there for working mums, but not a lot for us blokes.

Just have a for support for working dads and you’ll find there’s just not that many sources of high quality support and information out there. It’s a bit of a void, a gap in information and resources, and often I find there’s just no good place to point those working dads I see that are struggling.

Also honestly I’ve just been getting into blogging lately, both on my business site but also on Medspace and I’m really liking it, plus it seems many out there do too. I’m finding it quite therapeutic and a great time-filler, which if you ask my wife, I’m sorely needing.

What’s the blog going to be about?

I wanted this to be a place I can put my thoughts, things I get up to and things I find useful in trying to achieve that balance we are all aiming for.

It’s hopefully going to be a space also for people to come to get some good quality advice and a place to collect those high quality resources that may just help others like me.

I’m hoping in time that others just like me might want to contribute to the site also and we can grow together as a community of working dads.

How often will I be writing/posting?

My aim is to be posting something of high quality at least once a week, but I’ll be putting bits on when the need arises also. As a doctor I get lots of information through from local agencies, guidelines get changed and new medical and psychological information gets passed to me.

My aim is to then pass those on to you if they relate to life as a working dad.

If you are interested in following me on this journey then please subscribe or hit follow to keep up to date with new posts.

Be sure to follow me on twitter and Instagram also and you can also find me posting answers to medical bits and bobs over on Quora or my other site Medspace.

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